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IK Truck 25

truck mounted

Our Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor "IK Truck 25" is completely self-sufficent. It travels at highway speeds mounted on a cab over truck eliminating trasportation cost. Its capabilities once onsite enables our extractor to pull, trasport to a cleaning location and unload the bundle without the assistance of other trucks or cranes. The main advantages of this machine are that pulling and reinstalling bundles can be faster, easier, safer and cheaper.

Maximum working height 7000 mm./23 feet
Minimum working height 610 mm./2 feet
Maximum bundle diameter 2000 mm./6.56 feet
Maximum bundle weight (at minimum height of extraction) 25.000 Kg./55.080 Ib.
Maximum bundle weight (at maximum height of extraction) 15.000 Kg./33.050 Ib.
Maximum pulling force 40.000 Kg./88.130 Ib.
Winch pulling speed 2,8 mt./min 91,8 feet/min