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IDROJET has development in cooperating with a local engineering contractor a new revolutionary machine to open the bottoms of the reactor installed in the re-gasifyng plants, when it is necessary to open them in order to remove and change the catalyst holded inside these special reactors. Since these reactors are usually situated at very high leve from the ground , we developed a special scissor-lift the is able to approch the bottom of the reactor and move it down on the ground level, all by the use of joysticks on the remote control box, and of course, the all machine is driven by an hydraulic power pack with an air explosion-proof engine for a better labour safety. we built two models:

  • Model super-gas 1 for a max weight capacity of 10 ton at a maximum height of 7 mt.
  • Model super-gas 2 for a max weight capacity of 22 ton at a maximum height of 12 mt.