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IK Self 25

IDROKID ® S.r.l. has designed and projected a new propelled bundle extractor aspecially suitable for off-shore platform plants. This machine is in fact able to pull and push bundle up to 25 tons of weight, 8000 mm. of lenght (26,3 feet) at 3,5 meters of maximum height (16,5 feet) self-sufficent, thanks to an hydraulic power pack unit and remotely controlled by the use of joysticks. All wheels can turn up to 180° in both directions, like a toy for childrens. Further, the weight of the machine, only 13 tons, its engine, modified for hazardous areas, and its hydraulic air controlled joystick, make this machine perfect for the use in platform off-shore plants.

Max Bundle Lenght  6600 mm
Max Working Height  6000 mm
Min Working Height  610 mm
Max Bundle Diameter  2000 mm
Max Bundle Weight min. Height  25 tons
Max Bundle Weight max Height  22 tons
Max Winch Pulling Force  50 tons