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Pull & Push 10 tons

No more Fork Lift or traditional way with small cranes to

Pull and Push

tubes or small tubes bundles in oil refinery or chemical plants!

Just designed for all tube and tube bundles of small diameter from 50 mm. / 1,96 inches till 1000 mm. / 40 inches and till 10000 kg. / 22000 lbs. of weight … only 1800 kg. / 4000 lbs of machine weight, in a standard length of 7000 mm. / 22 feet and 11 inches, but possible to be built in a longer size till 12000 mm. / 39 feet and 4 inches of length.

The unit is self supportive, due to the use of an air cooled Hatz diesel engine, it needs just a crane to be lifted into position. The engine, equipped with a spark arrestor in order to be used also in hazardous areas, drives an hydraulic pump and is equipped with an hydraulic winch that can

Pull and Push

the most obstinate tube and/or tube bundle in one stroke, normally in less than 10 minutes !

All hydraulic functions are remotely controlled, allowing a reduction in personnel and increasing the safety of the operators. When the tube or the tube bundle is completely on the machine, the load is balanced using an hydraulic cylinder. Furthermore, due to the slim and super light construction of the balancing system, accessibility to the tube or the heat exchanger and its surrounding obstacles is increased, and there is no need anymore to disassembly the superstructure while lifting the tube bundle or the tube out from the chassis of the machine. Max Winch pulling / pushing force up to 15 tons and hydraulic power pack supplied with Hatz diesel engine and spark arrestor.

Lenght of "PULL & PUSH" 7000 mm./ 23 feet
Maximum Height
1880 mm./ 74 Inches
Width of "PULL & PUSH" (without arch.)
1000 mm./ 40 Inches
Weight of "PULL & PUSH" (unloaded)
1800 Kg./ 4000 Inches
Maximum bundle lenght
 6400 mm/ 21 feet
Maximum bundle diameter
 1000 mm / 40 Inches
Maximum winch pulling force 
 10000 Kg./ 22046 Ibs
Maximum bundle weight 
 10000 Kg./ 22046 Ibs
Winch pulling speed 
 2500 mm/min. - 8,2 feet/min.
Pump working pressure 
200 Bars / 2900 psi
ENGINE: silent-pack HATZ model 1D90W
Number of cylinders 1
Cubic capacity 722 CC
R.P.M. 3000
Horse power 16 HP
Cooling system air