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High pressure water pumps

A complete range of high water pump up to 1400 HP covering a range up to 40000 PSI and 650 GPM.

Model specifications:
Idrojet pumps represents a new dimension of high Versatilitiy in high pressure pumping equipments.
Designed to meet the requirementes of:
  • Chemical injection
  • Oil field service
  • API processing
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Mining Water Blasting.
100 HP D or E-IDJ1(14)

D or E-IDJ1(10)

D or E-IDJ1(7)

D or E-IDJ1(4

TRIPLEX 20000 PSI at 6,8GPM 1400BAR at 25,7 L/M

15000 PSI at 9,8GPM 1050BAR at 37 L/M

10000 PSI at 15GPM 700BAR at 56,7 L/M

6000 PSI at 24,6GPM 420BAR at 92,9 L/M

150 HP D or E-IDJ1/5(28)

D or E-IDJ1/5(21)

D or E-IDJ1/5(14)

D or E-IDJ1/5(10)

D or E-IDJ1/5(7)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 6RPM 2750BAR at 21,6 L/M

30000PSI at 7,5GPM 2100BAR at 28,3 L/M

20000PSI at 10,7GPM 1400BAR at 40,4 L/M

15000PSI at 14,7GPM 1050BAR at 55,5 L/M

10000PSI at 21,6GPM 700BAR at 81,6 L/M

165 HP D or E-IDJ1/65(28)

D or E-IDJ1/65(21)

D or E-IDJ1/65(14)

D or E-IDJ1/65(10)

D or E-IDJ1/65(7)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 6,3GPM 2800BAR at L/M

30000PSI at 7,7GPM 2100BAR at 29 L/M

20000PSI at 12,4GPM 1400BAR at 47 L/M

15000PSI at 16,4GPM 1050BAR at 62 L/M

10000PSI at 25,6GPM 700BAR at 97 L/M

200 HP D or E-IDJ2/(21)

D or E-IDJ2(14)

D or E-IDJ2(10)

D or E-IDJ2(7)

TRIPLEX 30000PSI at 11,5 GPM 2100BAR at 43,5 L/M

20000PSI at 15,6 GPM 1400BAR at 59 L/M

15000PSI at 20,4 GPM 1050BAR at 77 L/M

10000PSI at 35,1 GPM 700BAR at 132,7 L/M

220 HP D or E-IDJ2/2(28)

D or E-IDJ2/2(21)

D or E-IDJ2/2(14)

D or E-IDJ2/2(10)

D or E-IDJ2/2(7)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 8,5 GPM 2800BAR at 32 L/M

30000PSI at 10 GPM 2100BAR at 38 L/M

20000PSI at 16,4 GPM 1400BAR at 62 L/M

15000PSI at 21,4 GPM 1050BAR at 81 L/M

10000PSI at 33,6 GPM 700BAR at 127 L/M

250 HP D or E-IDJ2/5(28)

D or E-IDJ2/5(24)

D or E-IDJ2/5(21)

D or E-IDJ2/5(14)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 6,4 GPM 2800BAR at 23 L/M

35000PSI at 8,3 GPM 2400BAR at 32 L/M

30000PSI at 10,8 GPM 2100BAR at 41 L/M

20000PSI at 15,4 GPM 1400BAR at 58 L/M

300 HP D or E-IDJ3(21)

D or E-IDJ3(14)

D or E-IDJ3(10)

D or E-IDJ3(7)

TRIPLEX 30000PSI at 13,4 GPM 2100BAR at 50,6 L/M

20000PSI at 20,4 GPM 1400BAR at 77,1 L/M

15000PSI at 25,6 GPM 1050BAR at 96,7 L/M

10000PSI at 38,4 GPM 700BAR at 145,1 L/

350 HP D or E-IDJ3/P5(28)

D or E-IDJ3/P5(21)

D or E-IDJ3/P5(14)

D or E-IDJ3/P5(10)

D or E-IDJ3/P5(7)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 11,3 GPM 2750BAR at 42,3 L/M

30000PSI at 13,4 GPM 2100BAR at 50,6 L/M

20000PSI at 22,1 GPM 1400BAR at 84 L/M

15000PSI at 28,9 GPM 1050BAR at 110 L/M

10000PSI at 45,1 GPM 700BAR at 172 L/M

450 HP D or E-IDJ4/P5(28)

D or E-IDJ4/P5(21)

D or E.IDJ4/P5(14)

D or E-IDJ4/P5(10)

D or E-IDJ4/P5(7)

TRIPLEX 40000PSI at 15,36 GPM 2750BAR at 58,4 L/M

30000PSI at 18,3 GPM 2100BAR at 81,5 L/M

20000PSI at 32,5 GPM 1400BAR at 123,5 L/M

15000PSI at 41,1 GPM 1000BAR at 156 L/M

10000PSI at 61,4 GPM 700BAR at 233,5 L/