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Autojet SI 930/5

IDROJET S.r.l. has introduced on the first january of 2009 a new heat exchanger multilances internal cleaning robot mod.AUTOJET SI 930/5 on scissor-lift. This machine is designed to clean all kind of heat exchangers internal tubes with a maximum of 5 rigid lances an a cleaning site or "insitu" , thanks to a scissor.lift that it is able to lift this machine till 6 mt. high, and spray high pressure water jets moving both horizontal and vertical up to 1400 bar (20000psi) maxi working pressure.All movements driven by hydraulic motor and fed by diesel silent-pack power unit that can be operated by both a radio wireless control box or by a wire remote control box.

Lenght 10600 mm
Width 2500 mm
height 2700 mm
Weight 3000 Kg.
Water Pressure MAX 1400/2000 Bar/Psi
Flow/Lance  70 LT/min
Number of lance 1-5
Jet Lance Horizontal travel 9300 mm
Jet Lance Verticall travel 1880 mm
Jet Lance Cross travel 1550 mm