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FX2 AIR - Dual flex lance internal

FX2 AIR DUAL FLEX LANCE INTERNALThe new Dual-Flex-Lances Internal Tube Cleaner Robot is designed to clean all types of tubes having an internal diameter of between 6 and 14 mms.
The FX2 is able to remove built-up oils and minerals through the use of water pressure jets upto to 1400 atm (20,000 psi) in the simplest of ways.The machine is a single light unit consisting of an air motor and the machine itself, which is remotely controlled.

The operator will only hold the lances gun against the heat exchangers tubes (2 at a time) and actuate the trigger. The flex-lances which deliver the high pressure water jets will move out from inside the machine and insert in the tubes of the bundle.
There is absolutely no need for the operator to touch the flexible lances and more than this, the machine can be used for both horizontal and vertical cleaning of two tubes at any one time. Once the operator finishes the operation and retracts the flex-lances inside the machine, he will then position the lances gun to another two tubes.

If one of the flex-lances inside the lances gun meets a blocked tube, a particular patented system will stop both flex-lances; this in order to avoid differences of exit lengths of flex-lances out from the machine. Above all, if this happens, when the operator actuates the trigger on the flex-lances gun and they are inserted in the tubes, a particular system enables the two flex-lances to commence the operation again from the same starting position.
The FX2 Air is fitted with two lances of 12 mts. Length, but adjustable to the desired working length depending on length of bundle tubes. Diameters of hoses could be supplied at the client’s request together with a large variety of nozzles.

Lenght cm 90
Width cm. 72
height cm 26
Weight Kg. 87
Lance working stroke cm. 1200 cm./39.3 feet
Lance O. diameter mm.  9,4/11,6
Lance I. diameter mm . 5/6
Flow x lance Lt. 45/60
Lance speed m/sec.   0.7/1.5
Air motor Parker
Cilindrate                     22 cc
Air Pressure                    8 Bar