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FX 2/3 - Dual flex lance internal

IDROJET Model "FX 2/3" is a flexible semiautomated water blasting system that cleans heat exchangers tubes. The "FX 2/3" removes built-up oils and minerals, using water pressure of up to 1400 atm (20000 psi).

This machine is very easy to use, the operators holds the lance gun against the heat exchanger tube and actuates the triggers.He then moves the lances from tube to tube. there is no need for the operator to touch the flexible lance, which delivers the high pressure water.

The IDROJET "Autojet FX 2/3" is hydraulically driven; it is designed for horizontal and vertical cleaning, so that when it is properly used, operator is completely protected against injury from high pressure jets.

The "FX 2/3" is fitted with two standard lances of 12 mt. (39,3 feet) and 5 or 6 mm. bore. Longer and langer diameter lances can be supplied to special order.A wide variety of nozzles may be used and optionally "Autojet FX 2/3" can be supplied with 3 flexlances.

Lenght cm 90
Width cm. 72
height cm. 26
Weight cm. 87
Lance working stroke cm. 1200
Lance O. diameter mm.    9,4/11,6
Lance I. diameter mm . 5/6
Flow x lance Lt. 45/60
Lance speed m/sec.   0.7/1.5
Max Water pressure 1400 bar
Lenght cm. 110
Width cm. 75
Heigth cm. 65
Weight Kg. 375
ENGINE: silent-pack Hatz Diesel Mod. 2L40C
Number of cylinders 1
Cubic capacity 667
R.P.M. 3000
Horse power 10 KW
Cooling system air