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Dual rotating rigid lances


Idrojet introduces the new horizontal/vertical rotating rigid lance machine up to 40.000 psi.
In order to complete the range of hydrojet bundle cleaning equipment, idrojet developed in cooperation with several high pressure specialists a new rotating rigid lance machine up to 40.000 psi. This equipment has been designed to clean even the dirtiest tubes by means of two rigid lances with a combination of ultra-high pressure water up to 40.000 psi and rotation of the lances boom is connected to a X-Y movement which is hydraulically powered and controlled by remote control joystiks. The power pack is situated far from the operations and all hydraulic hoses are fitted with quick connectors.
Idrojet is also proud to offer this safe,effective end time saving cleaning machine in vertical position .The Autojet OV2/40PSI (vertical ) differs from oder tube lancing equipment because it can be operated in areas which are smaller then the length of the bundle to be cleanedn .
The Autojet OV2/40PSI (vertical ) can easily be moved using a forklift truck , or a small crane. This machine can be operated by remote control and can be used in both hairpin end floating head bundles , even in difficult to reach places with little space . For both machines Autojet OV2 / 40PSI (horizontal ) and (vertical ) operators will no longer be exposed to contamination and we can guarantee a consistent quality of cleaning at productive cleaning rates.