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High pressure swivel joints

In a world where life is becoming ever faster, we need things to remind us of what life is really all about. We need something to give us back our time. Time for the things which really matter. Idrojet wishes to make a contribution to this outlook on life. That is what our philisophy and all the products which today comprise the world of Idrojet stand for. This applies to cleaning equipment which established the reputation of the Idrojet name. The latest born are our high pressure swivels up to 2.800 bars / 40,000 psi, totally made in stainless steel, with high quality bearings and seals, which guarantee a long life. Now all problems with leaking swivels are solved. This is one of our products which has been created by people, for people, and anyone who has held one of these can tell that in addition to their functional beauty, these products possess something else, a soul!

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