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  • "When i will live for what i have thought yesterday.... I will start to have fear of who copy me."

    Fortunato Depero Pittore, scultore e pubblicitario italiano.
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IdroKid is now established as the UNDISPUTED LEADER in the manufacture and supply of  heat exchanger cleaning equipment and fully automated systems for the heat exchanger maintenance  of pipes in the petro-chemical industries. 

Since its establishment, IdroKid ventured into this competitive field with immediate and incredible success. Despite all the challenges that face a new company, our commitment to research, development and innovation towards the cleaning of heat exchangers and heat exchanger maintenance made us excel. It undoubtedly gave us an indisputable edge over competition.

Teamed up with reputable and reliable international suppliers for raw materials, IdroKid has leapt to international prominence as an innovative engineering and manufacturing organisation implementing the most effective and reliable production methods towards the cleaning of heat exchangers and heat exchanger maintenance.

No wonder, therefore, that Idrokid is now at the forefront of the petro-chemical industry, committed to providing a first quality product, parallel to a first quality after sales service.


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